Garden Plant: Walker’s Low Catmint

Walker's Low Catmint Garden Plant

Walker’s Low Catmint

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Product Description: Walker’s Low Catmint

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Pretty And Hardy Walkers Low Catmint, Nepeta x faassenii ‘ Walker’s Low’, is an ornamental perennial with fragrant leaves and adorable flowers.

Plant several as a backdrop in the perennial bed, or a few in patio containers to delight your furry friends.

This is a two foot tall herbaceous perennial, with a three foot spread.

The oval leaves are aromatic with a dusty, grey-green appearance.

If you crush one in your hand you’ll easily note the minty scent.

Many people love to bring some inside for a homemade potpourri.

Some attribute the Walkers Low Catmint with medicinal purposes as well.

As to cats, although this is a hybrid of the catmint that most cats love, many cats still find it enticing.

Spring brings erect spikes of trumpet-shaped lavender flowers to your Catmint plant and you can expect those to continue to bloom throughout the summer and into autumn.

Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds love it, so you’ll have a steady stream of visitors throughout the summer months.

The Catmint is a hardy plant, tolerating many soil conditions.

Some people say it’s actually hard to kill, so you can’t go wrong! Sheering it back will encourage further growth and flowering, so you can easily keep it within your desired confines.

Whether for its ornamental, medicinal or animal-friendly purposes, you’ll love having several of these fun and fancy plants around.
* Lavender Blooms Summer Through Autumn
* Attracts Hummingbirds and Butterflies
* Shade Tolerant and Hardy

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