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Troll Ginkgo Tree

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Ginkgo trees, “Ginkgo biloba’, are beloved by so many not only because of their interesting history, but because they are a beautiful tree with really no disease or insect problems, and they are very long lived.

The ‘ Troll’ Ginko is a male selection, so no fruit that can have an offensive odor.

Raking made easy! Gingko leaves have a unique fan shape that turn bright yellow in autumn.

Then the leaves will rain down when it comes time to drop in pretty much one single day.

It makes cleanup a breeze in the fall not having to wait for all of the leaves to fall.

The compact Troll Ginkgo will grow about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide onto a grafted stem.

This truly unique and unusual will display an irregular, upright form on top of the grafted stem.

Troll is the perfect plant to be highlighted in a high-profile location near the front entrance of a home.

The perfect plant for a courtyard.

An excellent plant to use on a berm.

Use near a patio where it can be enjoyed and not grow out of bounds.

It is best to use this little gem as a specimen plant.

Ginkgo Troll does like a sunny location, and likes well-drained soils yet adapts to most any soil type.

This little guy doesn’t produce any fruit because it is a male selection.

It is hardy in zones 3-9.

Stays about 3′ high and 2′ wide head grafted on a clear trunk to make the perfect dwarf specimen.

For a unique dwarf tree with unique leaves, amazing fall color, you have got to buy a Troll Ginkgo tree today!
* Dwarf Ginkgo remaining small in the landscape
* Excellent small tree for use in a courtyard, front entrance or patio plant
* Hardy and completely disease and insect free
* Adaptable to most any soils

Troll Ginkgo Tree Order Options