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The Fairy Rose

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The Fairy Rose, Rosa ‘ The Fairy’, is a shrub rose which has hundreds of small shell pink blooms that appear on a virtually foolproof plant.

It has been popular since 1932.

The Fairy Rose bush have spreading pyramidal clusters of blooms and have fern like leaves that are disease proof.

Even without blooms the plant is attractive with the lush, dense foliage of small, bright green, pointed leaves.

The great shrub qualities and appealing blooms give the Fairy rose a special magic.

The flowers do not have much fragrance but its appearance makes up for that lack of a heavy rose scent.

The Fairy Rose bush repeats bloom but the blooms can be increased by regular deadheading and minimal pruning.

Tough and Hardy!
* Profuse Blooms
* Disease Resistant
* No Fragrance

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