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Table Mountain Ice Plant Garden Plant

Table Mountain Ice Plant

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Fushia Daisies Smother Ground The Hardy Ice Plant Table Mountain, Delosperma ‘ Table Mountain’, has 1-2 ” bright single fuchsia daisy like colored blooms that just smother the plant.

The foliage is deep green, almost succulent looking, and extremely shiny.

‘ Table Mountain’ is said to be an improvement of Delosperma ‘ Coperi’.

This Delosperma has a plant spread of 18 ” and a height of 2-3 ” .

For best results, plant ‘ Table Mountain’ in a sunny area, with some afternoon shade, with well- drained soil.

It does prefer dry and sandy soil and does not like wet soil in the winter.

Ice Plants make a great under planting for roses and taller shrubs.

Hot conditions keep the flowers blooming most of the summer, and it requires little to no care.

Delosperma looks great as a ground cover in a rock garden or in front of a perennial border.

As a ground cover, delosperma is very useful in preventing erosion.

Delosperma is good for hard to grow areas in the sun garden because they do not require much water, yet fill in very quickly.

‘ Table Mountain’ the perfect, fast-spreading, dazzling groundcover on slopes or in borders for hot, dry, and sunny locations!
* Fushia Colored Daisy Like Flowers
* Groundcover Blooms All Season
* Loves Heat and Drought

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