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The Spearmint, ‘ Mentha spicata’, is the classic mint.

Spearmint is also known as mint, brown mint, garden mint, lamb mint, mackerel mint, Our Lady’s mint, and sage of Bethlehem.

Spearmint is used in teas, flavored teas, sauces, jellies, and vinegars; leaves in fruit salad, and in peas, plus many more.

Spearmint marries well with lamb, and minted apple jelly and lamb are a classic twosome.

The Mint leaves chopped or whole, are great in salads.

Considered the most versatile and popular garden mint, spearmint has a fruity aroma and flavor.

Spearmint is grown commercially for the essential oil, which is used in gum.

The plant grows in wet areas and reaches about 1m in height.

This is the Spearmint used to flavor candies, beverages, and many other food items.

The plant is easy to grow if wet soil is provided.

The spike of purplish flowers is produced in the summer.

Cut back to the ground at least twice/summer.
* Aromatic
* Nutritious
* Multi-use plant

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