Garden Plant: Royal Purple Smokebush

Royal Purple Smokebush Garden Plant

Royal Purple Smokebush

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Drought Tolerant Large Shrub Royal Purple Smokebush, cotinus coggygria ‘ Royal Purple’ is a xeriscape plant that forms an upright, low branched, spreading shrub.

It makes a wonderful accent as a shrub border, can be planted as a specimen, or as a patio tree.

Royal Purple Smokebush displays beautiful, velvety, dark purple foliage throughout the growing season, with panicles of smoky-purple to beige flowers blooming in mid-summer.

This gives the effect of a cloud of smoke.

It is a tough and tolerant shrub, requiring well-drained soil; and Royal Purple Smokebush thrives in part to full sun.

The leaves are greener in shade, burgundy in full sun.

It tolerates considerable drought once it is established.

With minimal pruning it will naturally form a large shrub or small tree over time.

If pruned to 6 to 8 inches tall in winter, it will produce long stems with striking, oversized foliage.
* Drought Tolerant
* Unique Velvety Foliage
* Summer Flowers

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