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Polly White Peach

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Winter Hardy Peach Polly White peach is one of the most winter hardy peach varieties available, and provides a harvest of exceptional flavor.

Plant several in a sunny location along your house for a decorative look as well as a tasty treat right in your own yard.

Sometimes said to be as white as snow and as sweet as honey, this exceptional peach has all the characteristics you’re seeking.

Each medium-sized, ripe fruit features white skin delicately blushed with a crimson hue.

The white flesh contains a high sugar content, creating a sweet flavored, low-tartness effect that is sure to please.

The freestone nature of the Polly White ensures that it’s also easy to work with for cooking, the flesh falling easily away from the pit.

The Polly Peach tree was developed in Iowa and is hardy to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

This tree blooms late so it’s not as susceptible to late frosts.

It doesn’t require a pollinator, and your fruit will be ready for harvest by mid-summer.

A white fleshed peach is never as sweet as it is when freshly picked.

A store bought Polly peach will fail to compare to the one you pick from your own yard!
* Fruit with exceptional flavor
* Cold Hardy
* Low Acid
* Self Pollinating

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