Garden Plant: Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush Garden Plant

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

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Product Description: Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

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15- Inch Floral Brilliance Summer to Fall Pink Delight Butterfly Bush is a deciduous shrub with superb ornamental features.

Plant one as a focal point for your front yard.

You could also use several in a side yard where its flowers can dress up your summer/fall landscape (at a time when fewer flowers are in bloom).

The outstanding feature of your Pink Delight Butterfly Bush is its amazing flowers.

Every June (and well into autumn), the tiny, deep-pink blossoms cluster along 15-inch, conical protuberances of floral brilliance.

This miracle of nature is repeated throughout the grey-hued, green foliage amid the elegantly arching branches.

As if the beauty of your flowers weren’t enough, the fragrance of the blossoms is every bit as enticing as their appearance! A scintillating addition to your yard, and strong lure to pollinators, your Pink Delight’s scent will create a captivating experiencing.

The dilute nectar is sweetest in the midday sun, when the honey-scented blossoms are simply irresistible.

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush will grow up to six feet in height with an equal spread.

It’s a hardy bush, with no insect or disease issues to cause you concern.

Pink Delight is a vigorous shrub, and a magnet to any pollinator passing near your yard.

It’s generally hardy and quite easy to grow.

You’re sure to be “delighted ” with your Pink Delight Butterfly Bush, and eagerly await its stupendous bloom every summer.

In fact, only your yard’s butterflies, bees and hummingbirds will value your Pink Delight more!
* Spectacular, long-blooming flowers
* Wildlife appeal
* Deep color
* Hardy

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush Order Options