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Oregon Grape Holly

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A great native with eye-catching flowers and berries! Is it possible for a plant to be both subtle and eye-catching, graceful and spiky, muted and colorful? Yes, yes and yes! Oregon Grape Holly (Mahonia aquifolium) is all of this and more.

This great native shrub is one of those plants that can be either the supporting actor in the garden or the star player.

It has a wild character with its tall thin shape and leathery spiky leaves.

It can blend into plantings and fill in odd gaps in your shady spaces.

It can cover your utility boxes and water pipe valves and squeeze between your garage and your neighbors wall and live quite contentedly.

But it can also stand against your wall or fence where it will glow all season with its bronze leaves that turn deep green and then rich purple in the fall, and its bevy of Big- Bird-yellow flowers followed by loads of dark purple berries all summer.

This beautiful evergreen shrub is a valuable plant native to western states, but will grow all over the U S in zones 5-9 with proper care.

It naturally lives under the high canopies of pine and fir forests in the Pacific Northwest, so it is a shoe-in for your naturalized shady garden.

But it is also common in those beautiful Japanese gardens so famous up there, so it fits into more formal spaces well, too.

This is a great plant that is underused in many places.

Bring this beauty to your neighborhood today!
* Easy care
* Great foliage color all year
* Flowers and berries
* Birds love it, deer don’t
* Hardy native

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