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Needlepoint Holly

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This Evergreen Makes a Great Point! The Needlepoint Holly, Ilex cornuta ‘ Needlepoint’, certainly lives up to its name.

Needlepoint Holly has all of the great characteristics of the holly plants that you love.

It stays beautifully green all year round; it grows quickly to form a thick, impenetrable hedge; and it has beautiful red berries in the fall.

What makes Needlepoint Holly stand out from the pack is that the leaves are smooth sided save for one sharp point at the end.

This gives the entire shrub a decidedly different look that the typical spiky-edged holly you are used to.

Use this winner as a foundation hedge in front of windows or on property edges.

The spines make it an excellent deterrent.

Needlepoint Holly can grow to 6 feet by 6 feet very quickly.

This makes it an excellent screen.

It takes shearing very well and can be kept at any height you wish.

Like other hollies, the Needlepoint Holly will give you a beautiful show of red berries in the fall.

The birds will probably love them more than you! If you need a quick growing, thick hedge that has the added benefit of spiny foliage, then you’ve found your plant.

Order several Needlepoint Hollies to complete your foundation planting today!
* Tough evergreen
* Sun or shade
* Red berries in the fall

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