Garden Plant: Magnus Purple Coneflower

Magnus Purple Coneflower Garden Plant

Magnus Purple Coneflower

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Great native flower for cutting Magnus Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea ‘ Magnus’, is a gorgeous native plant that grows strong and true and makes a spectacular cut flower.

A native of the dry prairies and open woodlands of North America, Purple Coneflower has long been a favorite of gardeners worldwide.

Magnus was awarded the title of 1998 ‘ Plant of the Year’ by the Perennial Plant Association.

Magnus Purple Coneflower is a relative of the sunflower and features a central cone surrounded by wide, flat purple-pink petals that stick straight out – they don’t droop like other coneflowers are prone to do.

The stems can be 2 to 4 feet long making Magnus an excellent cut flower and stately border plant.

After they flower, the cones can be dried to use indoors or left on the plant for the birds to enjoy during the winter.

Although ‘ Magnus’ is slow to start in the spring, it loves the sun and grows quickly with the onset of hot summer weather.

It prefers well-drained soil and will tolerate drought conditions, which makes it the perfect choice for summer gardens.

‘ Magnus’ can be massed at the back of a perennial border or showcased as a single specimen, and it is equally at home in native gardens or in more formal plantings.

Its brilliant purple-pink color works well with blues (like Perovskia) and its rounded shape nicely complements the linear lines of plants like Liatris.

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* Long bloom time
* Easy care
* Great cut flower

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