Garden Plant: Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire

Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire Garden Plant

Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire

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Fragrant Flowers and Fall Interest Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire, Itea virginica ‘ Sprich, is a dwarf ornamental shrub with summer flowers and fall color.

Plant several en masse for a naturalized look to brighten up a drab side yard, or use just one as a foundation planting.

With its small stature, Little Henry Sweetspire would even do well in a container for your patio.

Your Little Henry Sweetspire will delight you with its profusion of whimsical, spring blooms.

The 6-inch long, bottle brush-like spikes of flowers will virtually blanket your Little Henry Sweetspire in pristine white color during the summer.

Its subtly-sweet fragrance creates a clarion call to your yard’s butterflies and hummingbirds, and is certain to call in for a closer look as well.

Little Henry’s vibrant green foliage will present a flaming-red display for fall, a last gasp of color before resting for the winter months.

Little Henry Sweetspire will grow to about 3 feet in height with an equal spread.

It has a smaller and slightly more compact nature than other varieties, and is adaptive to a variety of conditions.

Your wildlife (pollinators), will love it yet potentially destructive wildlife (such as deer), will leave it alone.

Under optimal conditions, Little Henry Sweetspire will live 40 years or more.

Overall, it’s generally a trouble-free, ornamental shrub.

If you’re looking for summer flowers and fall color on a carefree, ornamental shrub then look no further.

Little Henry Sweetspire is a dwarf variety that still maintains all the expected Sweetspire features, and would certainly be a welcomed addition to your yard this year.
* Fragrant, Summer flowers
* Dwarf
* Fall color
* Adaptive to a variety of conditions
* Erosion control
* Works well in containers

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