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Julia Coneflower

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Hardy Coneflower with Orange Flowers Julia is a hardy, compact Coneflower with long-lasting, bright orange blooms.

Place a few of these in your cutting or wildlife garden.

Julia is also lovely in patio containers, or anywhere you need a splash of color.

Your Julia is a variety of Coneflower that is exceptional for both its color and form.

A compact and sturdy plant, Julie has strong stems to support its dozens of 4-inch blooms.

It begins flowering in early summer and keeps on going through late summer.

The bright orange, single flowers boast a large dark-copper cone.

The contrast is superb and sure to create a blazing spectacle of color wherever you plant it in your yard.

As the flowers age, they transform to a golden-orange, providing a little added variety to their color palette.

Julia’s compact nature makes it a perfect choice for those small spots in your yard where you’d like a lot of color, but thought you didn’t have the room.

It will make a wonderful cut flower for your kitchen table, so you can bring some of its bright radiance indoors as well.

Julia is drought, heat and humidity tolerant as well as pest and disease resistant.

It is quite simply one tough little plant.

Your Julia Coneflower was named after a butterfly of the same color, and butterflies certainly love it.

Not only will butterflies and other pollinators frequent your yard in the summer, but the birds will love you too.

Leave some flowers to dry in the fall, and your songbirds will flock to the tasty seeds for winter sustenance.

Even though many creatures love it, deer will leave it alone.

Julia would be a superb choice for almost any space in your garden.

Strong and prolific, Julia is sure to be stand-out in your landscape this year.
* Bright orange flowers
* Long-blooming
* Hardy
* Wildlife interest

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