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Yew Really Need This Shrub If you are looking for a tall hedge for your yard, then you’ve totally scored with Hicks Yew (Taxus x media ‘ Hicksii’).

This beautiful evergreen shrub forms a thick, bushy barrier when planted along a property line or at the back of a border.

This is one of those shrubs that you see all of time, but don’t think twice about, because it does its job so very well.

Hicks Yew doesn’t want to stand out as a flashy specimen plant in your landscape.

It does want to provide the perfect, deep green backdrop for your other showstoppers, though.

A seriously easy shrub to grow, it performs great in all but the wettest soils.

It handles heavy shearing without blinking and makes the fluffiest green wall you’ve ever seen.

Hicks Yew doesn’t mind whether you plant it in a sunny spot or a shady one, either.

It sometimes struggles with drying winds or changing temperature extremes turning it brown in places, but will bounce back quickly.

As a bonus, the female version of this plant will delight you with beautiful berries in the winter.

The Hicks Yews is an outstanding performer as a screen, hedge or foundation plant.

It is in very high demand for its usefulness, so buy several today before the stock gets low.
* Columnar Yew
* Full Sun to Full Shade
* Hardy

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