Garden Plant: Harlequinesque Japanese Iris

Harlequinesque Japanese Iris Garden Plant

Harlequinesque Japanese Iris

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Product Description: Harlequinesque Japanese Iris

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Purple- Splashed, Snowy Blooms Harlequinesque features gorgeous, willowy flowers of phenomenal color.

Its wide, velvety petals of vibrant white are dramatically accented with asymmetrical splashes of fuchsias, blues, and rich purples, creating a show-stopping display for your yard.

A bright yellow throat adds yet another flash of color to dazzle the senses.

Not only lovely to the eye, but also a delight to the nose, Harlequinesque presents an irresistible lure to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, ensuring that your garden will always be buzzing with life! Harlequinesque Japanese Iris is right at home among other tall foliage, reaching up to 36 inches in height with a spread of 15-18 inches.

This decorative perennial grows best in moist, moderately acidic soil, so it is a perfect addition to gardens with water features.

It’s quite sun-tolerant and is even deer resistant.

The Japanese Iris has long been a beloved perennial for gardens, and Harlequinesque certainly demonstrates that reliable beauty that Iris’ are known for.

Whether scattering a few about your yard to enjoy their delightful spring/early summer display, or cutting a bouquet for a dramatic presentation on your dining room table, Harlequinesquie Japanese Iris is sure to prove itself a superb choice for your home this year.
* Late spring/early summer bloom
* Self fertile
* Sun tolerant
* Deer resistant

Harlequinesque Japanese Iris Order Options