Garden Plant: Golden Carousel Barberry

Golden Carousel Barberry Garden Plant

Golden Carousel Barberry

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Color and form around the year! You’ve heard the old saying about carousels, haven’t you? Lots of action but it gets you nowhere.

Well, let us introduce you to a carousel that gets you somewhere – Golden Carousel Barberry (Berberis thunbergii ‘Bailsel’).

This hardy shrub is a sport of both Japanese and Korean barberries and combines the best of both tough parents.

The leaves are the star of the show.

In spring they are a golden yellow.

In summer, they take on a green hue, turning almost chartreuse.

In the fall they get orange and red tones.

Since Carousel is grown for its gorgeously colored foliage, make sure that you plant it somewhere where it will be seen and appreciated.

(It likes a little shade so that its leaves don’t burn.

) Golden Carousel will grow 4′ tall and wide so give it room.

It looks great with conifers and other evergreens with the small round leaves making a pretty textural foil to the needles of those plants.

Speaking of needles, if you are looking for a protective hedge or a deterrent planting under windows, Golden Carousel is perfect.

This bright beauty hides some sharp thorns.

(Be careful when you plant it!) Did we mention it’s tough? It is tolerant of urban pollution and deer resistant, so whether you live in the city or the country, Golden Carousel will thrive.

Let Golden Carousel Barberry get your yard spinning and order yours today!
* Beautiful foliage color
* Fast Growing
* Deer resistant
* Great hedge

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