Garden Plant: Gold Nugget Mandarin

Gold Nugget Mandarin Garden Plant

Gold Nugget Mandarin

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Product Description: Gold Nugget Mandarin

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Easy Peel and Super Sweet Looking for an easy peeling, sweet tasting, snackable fruit for your garden? Golden Nugget Mandarins are all that and more.

These guys may be small, but they pack a H U G E taste.

Golden Nugget Mandarins have been voted one of the best-flavored varieties of citrus I N T H E W O R L D by professional taste panels.

Golden Nugget gets its name from the sparkling deep orange color of the segments inside as well as the bumpy ‘nugget-like’ texture of the rind.

The rind easily peels from the fruit, making this a perfect snack fruit.

Tuck some in your lunchboxes and everyone is happy! These fruits are typically seedless, which only adds to their easy eatin’ quality.

These late season citrus typically ripen up between March and May and deliver a mine-load of fruit per tree.

Golden Nugget Mandarins give you 15% of your daily vitamin A and C needs, too, and since you grow them yourself you can be confident that you are feeding your family the healthiest fruit available.

These make great landscape trees but also excel in containers in a sunny window if you’re in a place where winters are cold.

Nature Hills ships strong, young trees with great branching and hardy roots to get you off to a great start.

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* Woted one of the best tasting citrus in the world!
* Easy peel, palm-sized fruit
* Great in containers

Gold Nugget Mandarin Order Options