Garden Plant: Ft. Laramie Strawberry

Ft. Laramie Strawberry Garden Plant

Ft. Laramie Strawberry

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Product Description: Ft. Laramie Strawberry

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Laramie’ is a super-sturdy, everbearing cultivar that produces a smaller, but more constant, supply of berries through the season.

The winter-hardy, perennial plants are resistant to leaf spot and yield sizable harvests of good-sized fruit with firm texture and a strong, sweet strawberry flavor.

The more sun they get, the more they produce, so choose a site that gets full sun (a minimum of six hours a day).

Suggestion: Pinch the blooms off for the first 2 months on an everbearing strawberry to increase your harvest.

If your plants get blooms in the first year, you can increase the following years harvest by pinching those blooms off.

Fertile, well-drained soil will give you the best flavor.

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Laramie’ can also be planted in tubs, containers and hanging baskets.

Strawberries are nutritionally heart-healthy cancer-fighters, and are naturally low in calories, so plant enough for freezing -the flavor of home-grown strawberries will be most welcome in January! N O T E: Locate your strawberry patch away from areas where you have previously grown peppers, tomatoes, eggplant or potatoes.

These plants can harbor verticillium wilt, which is devastating to strawberries.

Zones 3-9.

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