Garden Plant: False Sunflower Tuscan Gold

False Sunflower Tuscan Gold Garden Plant

False Sunflower Tuscan Gold

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A sunny flower for the front of the border! “What in the world are you doing?” she asked as she watched him trying to close the suitcase down over the huge sunflowers he had picked that morning.

“I want to take these home with us.

I think that they’re more yellow here than back home.

Besides, you loved them so much and I liked the way you smiled when we walked by them every morning.

“”You’re sweet,” she grinned at him, “but I have us covered.

” Tuscan Gold Heliopsis (False Sunflower) is going to make your perennial beds and borders explode with color this year! This breeding breakthrough takes all of the saturated color in the 9 foot tall sunflowers you see in pictures of the Italian countryside and gives it to you in in a plant that only grow 2-3 feet tall.

Perfect for borders, beds and even as the “thriller” in your mixed containers.

The flowers are more daisy-like than sunflowers, but the rich golden color is unmistakable.

You can cut them and cut them and there seems to be a never-ending supply of them for your vases.

You don’t have to deadhead them, though, if you’re not inclined to.

They are outstanding garden performers and will give you a huge shot of color wherever you put them!
* Tons of golden yellow flowers
* Great for cutting
* Long blooming
* Borders, beds and containers
* Drought Tolerant
* Fits smaller spaces

False Sunflower Tuscan Gold Order Options