Garden Plant: Evermore Hot Pink Azalea

Evermore Hot Pink Azalea Garden Plant

Evermore Hot Pink Azalea

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Hot pink all the time! Spring in the south is a bevy of blooms, but none quite as iconic as the azalea.

Spring azalea blooms are the stuff of art, poetry and fashion steeped in southern tradition.

Unfortunately, so much of that beauty is fleeting, lasting only for the few weeks of spring and no longer.

But we are so happy to introduce you to Evermore Hot Pink Azalea (Rhododendron EWERMORE ‘SCHXOHI-17’)! This medium high shrub (3-4 feet tall and wide) has a huge flush of blooms in the spring, but keeps on blooming all summer and well into fall, too! It doesn’t become ‘just a background’ plant when the flowers fade like other azaleas.

It gives you color in all but the coldest months, and even then it is evergreen in mild winter areas.

And what color it gives! The name tells you exactly what you get – Hot Pink.

The ruffled candy-pink petals are in double layers so that you have tons of color from each flower and tons of flowers from each shrub.

Bottom line – tons of color! Evermore Hot Pink was bred to be a repeat bloomer with great disease resistance, so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

It also handles hot, muggy summers without missing a beat, so it is sure to be a welcome addition to the southern states canon of beloved azaleas.

This great shrub deserves a place in your landscape.

Order yours from us today!
* Easy care
* Extraordinary hot pink flowers
* Reliable
* Reblooming
* Rich dark green foliage
* Foundations, borders and beds
* Good in pots
* Heat and humidity tolerant

Evermore Hot Pink Azalea Order Options