Garden Plant: Ellen Huff Oakleaf Hydrangea

Ellen Huff Oakleaf Hydrangea Garden Plant

Ellen Huff Oakleaf Hydrangea

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Add Some ‘ Cultivated Wildness’ to Your Shady Bed Do you love hydrangeas, but not the old-fashioned, florist-type mopheads in pink or blue? ‘ Ellen Huff’ is a cultivar of the American native oakleaf hydrangea.

That means that it doesn’t look like your grandmother’s garden hydrangea.

‘ Ellen Huff’ Oakleaf Hydrangea is a strong grower – up to 10 feet high and 10 feet wide, if you let it – that will literally F I L L your shady garden bed.

This plant is beautiful in bloom, out of bloom and even out of season.

In spring the big oak-like leaves emerge to signal winter is over.

Then the flowers come in summer, covering the shrub in upright, semi-arching white blooms 6 ” to 12 ” long! You can keep cutting and cutting these to fill your vases.

But you might want to leave some on the bush, because in fall the white flowers turn a soft pink and will stay there as the leaves turn a deep burgundy.

Then when the leaves drop, the flowers will stay on, adding another texture to the already interested exfoliating red bark.

Some master gardeners claim that if they were only allowed one shrub in the shade, this would be it.

This shrub adds a certain cultivated ‘wildness’ to your landscape.

You won’t be disappointed with ‘ Ellen Huff’ Oakleaf Hydrangea in your shady garden bed.

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* H U G E flowers in the shade
* Great fall color and winter bark
* Hardy and easy to grow native

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