Garden Plant: Easy Elegance Macy’s Pride Rose

Easy Elegance Macy's Pride Rose Garden Plant

Easy Elegance Macy’s Pride Rose

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Product Description: Easy Elegance Macy’s Pride Rose

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If good enough for Macy’s.

This beautiful rose was selected by Macy’s Department Store to be the official rose for their centennial celebration.

Starting off as lemon-yellow buds, they soon open to a creamy white color.

You’ll notice a hint of pink as they start to age.

New foliage is red-rimmed and ages to a glossy green.

This New England Rose Society Award Winner (2002) will be a standout in your garden.

It mixes well with any other colors around it and shines as a cut flower, too! Easy Elegance Macy’s Pride is a gorgeous rose, but don’t let looks deceive you.

Because of modern breeding techniques, you can now enjoy the classic beauty of hybrid tea roses without all of the work they used to require.

Have you always wanted a rose garden full of blooms for cutting that still has flowers all season long? Macy’s Pride will anchor that garden like a flagship.

With both hybrid tea and shrub rose lineage, Macy’s Pride rose has huge flowers over bright green leaves AND it re-blooms all season.

It’s hard to put a price on perfection.

Keeping Macy’s Pride rose healthy is so easy.

All you really need is full sun, steady water and a little bit of T L C.

No pruning, chemicals or expensive rose food required.

Order your Macy’s Pride roses from Nature Hills today and be ready for a whole new world of rose gardening!
* Beautiful white blooms
* Superior disease resistance
* Easy care and hardy to zone 4

Easy Elegance Macy's Pride Rose Order Options