Garden Plant: Dwarf English Boxwood

Dwarf English Boxwood Garden Plant

Dwarf English Boxwood

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Product Description: Dwarf English Boxwood

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Hardy, Versatile Evergreen Dating back to ancient times, the boxwood has been valued for a variety of uses.

It was often used extensively in English gardens and in colonial times.


and maintains that stellar reputation as one of the most sought-after landscape plants to this day.

It’s little wonder that English Boxwood is so popular.

Its small, oval leaves feature a glossy, dark green surface with lighter green undersides.

The foliage is compact and soft to the touch.

The year-round presentation of this reliable evergreen is such that it’s a delight for the senses, maintaining lush color, soft texture and pleasing visage in the landscape without the need for special care or maintenance.

Your English Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that will grow 1 to 2 feet high with a 1 to 2 foot spread.

It’s a dwarf variety with a round nature and compact habit.

English Boxwood is particularly resistant to Boxwood Leaf Minor and generally quite hardy.

It’s even long-lived, and under optimal conditions can be expected to thrive for up to 150 years.

Your English Boxwood will grow in sun but thrives in part shade.

so it’s great for reliable performance in shady spots where many colorful plants would struggle.

It works well for holiday arrangements and craft projects, and the small stems and foliage make it a terrific choice for topiary or bonsai projects.

English Boxwood does well as a specimen or foundation planting, and is perfect for a hedge (where it can be left to grow naturally or pruned to shape).

With its small stature, English Boxwood does well in containers, making it even more versatile for the home.

With its consistent color and texture, hardy nature and variety of uses, it’s easy to see why English Boxwood has long been a favorite of gardeners since ancient times.

It’s hard to find a more remarkable shrub than English Boxwood, and it will certainly serve you well in your landscape this year.
* Evergreen with year round interest
* Highly versatile
* Long-lived
* Good drought tolerance

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