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Comice Pear Tree

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One of the Best Tasting Pears! The Comice Pear is an ornamental tree that bears superior fruit.

Plant several in the backyard for a small orchard, or just one in front for its natural landscape-enhancing beauty.

The outstanding feature of your Comice Pear is of course the incredible fruit it produces.

Introduced in France in the 1800’s, the Comice Pear has been the reining “connoisseur’s pear ” for generations.

Widely heralded as the best tasting pear for its sweet and juicy flavor and firm texture, it’s also a beautiful pear to look at.

Large and light green with a rosy blush, the Comice Pear will look charming hanging from your tree and be a lovely addition to your table’s fruit bowl.

Pristine white blooms will spring forth as the weather turns warmer, attracting butterflies and other pollinators to your yard with its subtle fragrance.

Other wildlife will also love your Comice Pear and be anxious to sample some of its bounty.

The Comice Pear has a vigorous, upright growth that requires little pruning, and the vertical branches tend to be strong and tenacious.

It’s hardy and blight resistant.

The Comice Pear is a lovely ornamental tree for your yard and will give you years of enjoyment with its spring display and superior fruit.
* Sweet Juicy Fruit
* Vigorous Growth
* Little Pruning Recommended pollinators: Bartlett, Bosc, D’ Anjou

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