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China Boy Holly

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Fast Growing, Great as a Privacy Hedge The Holly ‘ China Boy’, Ilex X meserveae ‘ Mesdob’, is an astonishingly fast, hardy grower.

Its compact mounded form matures at 10 feet by 8 feet, making it great as a privacy hedge.

Choose a sunny to partly sunny site with well-drained soil, making sure there is enough room for shrub to grow to its mature spread.

It should be sheltered from winter sun and wind.

Once ‘ China Boy’ is established, usually by the third year, you only need to water in times of drought.

The glossy green foliage takes to shearing and shaping well.

‘ China Boy’ is truly an exceptional landscape plant since it is cold hardy and heat tolerant.

Use this evergreen holly as a privacy hedge, a landscape specimen, accent plant, and this Holly also works well under power lines.

The China Boy will pollinate the China Girl holly.

China Boy is a vigorous pollinator and it will pollinate many China Girls if placed in close proximity.

China Boy can be easily pruned.

This is a great, fast growing holly that is hard to find because they usually sell out fast.

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* Perfect privacy hedge
* Fast-growing!
* Pollinator for China Girl Holly

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