Garden Plant: Candy Mountain Foxglove

Candy Mountain Foxglove Garden Plant

Candy Mountain Foxglove

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Product Description: Candy Mountain Foxglove

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Pink Face Up Foxglove Candy Mountain, Digitalis ‘ Candy Mountain’, is the first foxglove ever to have upward-facing flowers instead of the usual downward-facing ones! This unique feature allows you to view the beautifully speckled flower throats from above instead of having to get down on your knees to see their true beauty.

In early summer, the rose pink flowers completely surround the strong flower spikes and make a dramatic look for the back of the border.

This plant is a biennial.

Digitalis should be planted in full sun but will tolerate morning shade.

It blooms early to mid summer, in most climates, partial shade is best, though it will grow in full sun in northern regions.

Try planting ‘ Candy Mountain’ in woodland gardens, as a border plant or for cut-flowers.

Remember to leave some dead flower stalks to self sow for future flowers! Being a major attraction to bees, butterflies and birds, ‘ Candy Mountain’ is a must in any garden.

(All parts of Digitals are poisonous if ingested and can be invasive).

This dazzling foxglove has tall, sturdy, straight stems that do not need staking!
* Rose Pink Flowers Face Up
* Blooms Mid Summer
* Full Sun To Part Shade

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