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California Lilac

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Great evergreen for the West Coast! If you’re one of the relative few who live the dream of a coastal beach lifestyle, then you know all too well the pitfalls that come with the privilege: Traffic.


High prices.

Add to that list the fact that it’s hard to garden with sand and salt water as your constant garden companions.

Well, this is a plant for you West Coasters.

Native to California, California Lilac (Ceanothus gloriosus), also known as Point Reyes Ceanothus, grows from San Francisco down to Southern California in zones 7 – 9.

It is a wonderful low-growing, space filling, eye-pleasing shrub that always looks great no matter the time of year.

It grows wild on seaside bluffs and down the slopes of the coastal mountains.

It only grows 2 to 3 feet tall but about 6 feet wide.

The mounding plants are covered in dark green spiky leaves all year.

In late winter and early spring sweet little clusters of flowers bloom in shades from deep blue to rich purple.

California Lilac enjoys some afternoon shade and doesn’t like drought, but they grow great in beach sand and are experts at erosion control.

Try them in native plant landscapes and pollinator gardens where they attract butterflies, bees and birds.

If you are one of the lucky few who live near the coast, you will want to add this easy care native to your garden this year.

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* Evergreen
* Spring flowers
* Low growing – no pruning required
* Low maintenance
* Thrives in beach sand where other plants won’t grow
* Hardy

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