Garden Plant: Cabernet Barberry

Cabernet Barberry Garden Plant

Cabernet Barberry

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Product Description: Cabernet Barberry

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Deep Purple Leaves Year Round We love Barberry! It is a workhouse in the landscape providing great color and texture.

It fits in any landscape from formal to natural, or large to small.

Make it a specimen or plant massive groups of barberry- it looks good either way.

Cabernet Barberry (Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea ‘ Moretti Select’) is a great new introduction from First Edition Plants.

Only growing 2′ tall and 3′ wide, it is compact enough to fit into any garden.

It makes a great foundation plant and defines a border like few other plants can.

Make Cabernet part of the backbone of your garden as it makes a statement.

Even though it does fine in part shade, the best color is in full sun – and what color it is! The new growth is bright crimson turning to deep burgundy.

This coloring layering adds rich depth to your landscape.

A truly beautiful plant, Cabernet requires no pruning and is about as tough and drought tolerant as a plant gets.

You will love this plant.

Order yours from us today!
* Beautiful specimen
* Four seasons of interest
* Deep purple/crimson foliage

Cabernet Barberry Order Options