Garden Plant: Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon

Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon Garden Plant

Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon

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Product Description: Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon

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Long- Blooming Ornamental Shrub Blushing Bride is an exceptional variety of the ornamental shrub, Rose of Sharon.

This shrub’s ability to be easily shaped makes it a prime candidate for hedge or border plantings.

It would also make a striking accent in your front yard where it’s sure to draw the eye of friends and neighbors.

When many flowering shrubs have finished their summer show, your Blushing Bride keeps going strong, producing rich pink flowers that fade to white.

The four-inch, double blooms continue their show into fall and with a large profusion of floral majesty.

Their pom-pom-like appearance seems to draw people closer where, like a fine painting, the true beauty of each bloom becomes more readily apparent.

Upon close inspection, the deep-magenta center becomes visible, a tiny gem hidden among the frilly petals.

Blushing Bride is a deciduous shrub growing to about 10 feet tall and 6 feet in width.

It’s relatively easy to grow and does well in heat, drought and even urban conditions.

You can share its beauty with your indoor environment more readily than many other blossoms as it’s particularly hardy as a cut flower.

Rose of Sharon’s Blushing Bride is obviously an outstanding flowering shrub for your yard.

It’s not only hardy, easy to care for and flowers profusely, but it will even be a boon to your wildlife.

Hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators will be drawn to its superb display, an added benefit of having this exceptional shrub for your yard.
* Profuse bloomer
* Pollution tolerant
* Wildlife appeal

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