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Big Daddy Hydrangea Garden Plant

Big Daddy Hydrangea

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Fast- Growing Shrub with Gigantic Flower Heads Big Daddy Hydrangea, Hydrangea macrophylla ‘ Big Daddy’, is an ornamental shrub with huge flowers.

Use this fantastic plant in your landscape as a specimen, a container plant, near water gardens or ponds.

or even in mass plantings.

Your Big Daddy Hydrangea displays gorgeous, gigantic 12-14″ flower heads from early summer and into fall.

Once you have a Big Daddy Hydrangea blooming in your yard, it will be easy to see why this flowering shrub is sometimes called a “mophead hydrangea ” .

The multitude of delicate florets that appear in clusters atop the sturdy stems are like giant mops of floral brilliance.

It’s a sight that must be seen to be believed! Even when not in bloom, your Big Daddy Hydrangea will be an attractive addition to your landscape with its large, glossy green leaves and gently rounded form.

It will grow to about 6 feet in height with an equal spread, not too tall and not too short for many of your garden uses.

Big Daddy Hydrangea will bloom on both new and old wood, and is fast-growing so you won’t have to wait long to witness its spectacular results in your yard.

It is heat tolerant, performing well in full sun, but also responds to some shade in southern parts of its hardiness range.

As with other Hydrangeas, the blooms are pink in alkaline soils and blue in acid soils, but both colors are certainly lovely in any setting.

You can even bring some of the massive flower heads indoors for your dining room table as they make an outstanding cut flower.

Dried, the flowers are also popular for craft projects and other uses.

Your Bid Daddy Hydrangea’s lush leaves, elegant form and magnificent flowers make it a joy to own.

Once established, it will be a carefree addition to your yard so you can just sit back and enjoy its yearly display without any fuss on your part.

Plant one today to begin reaping the unique and beautiful rewards of this amazing plant.
* Huge blooms
* Hardy
* Cut flowers

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