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Basket of Gold

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Masses of Brilliant Yellow for Weeks The Basket of Gold, Aurinia saxatilis ‘ Summit’, or perennial alyssum, is one of the most popular of spring-flowering perennials, most often seen in rock gardens or as a border edging.

The Basket of Gold is a drought tolerant, evergreen groundcover that prefers full sun.

It forms a low bushy mound of grey-green leaves, smothered by masses of tiny, bright golden-yellow flowers for several weeks.

After bloom, the silver green foliage makes a wonderful groundcover all season long and into the winter! It is a compact plant of 6-8 inches and has excellent disease resistance.

Immediately after blooming, clip plants back by half to keep a dense form and ensure abundant blooms each season.

The Basket of Gold will provide a brilliant shot of color in the spring that will attract butterflies, and beautiful, silver green foliage the rest of the year that is anything but boring.
* Masses of Yellow Blooms for Weeks
* Colorful Grey Green Foliage All Season
* Hardy Groundcover

Basket of Gold Order Options