Garden Plant: Allemans Compact Dogwood

Allemans Compact Dogwood Garden Plant

Allemans Compact Dogwood

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Easy to Grow with Four Season Interest Alleman’s Compact Dogwood, Cornus sericea ‘ Alleman’s Compact’, is a four season beauty with white blossoms in May, pleasant green foliage in summer, giving way to bright red berries in fall, and finally an outstanding red twig color for winter.

This dogwood is a suckering, colonizing deciduous shrub that grows 4′ to 8′ tall, and just about as wide.

The branching is upright and spreading with most stems branching a little, except near the tip where the shape is rounded.

Alleman’s Compact Dogwood’s leaves emerge yellow-green and mature to medium or dark green.

This shrub is tolerant of poorly-drained soils, easily transplanted and established, and enjoys full sun or partial shade.

It is suggested that you remove oldest stems each year to promote suckering, since new stems have the best stem color.

It is good for borders, mass plantings, wet soil sites, naturalistic areas and for winter ornamental appeal.

You do not get the greatest effect if used individually.

This is a hardy, disease-free shrub that will attract wildlife.
* 4 season interest
* Easy to grow
* Attracts wildlife Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

Allemans Compact Dogwood Order Options