Garden Plant: Yezberry Maxie Japanese Haskap

Yezberry Maxie Japanese Haskap Garden Plant

Yezberry Maxie Japanese Haskap

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Product Description: Yezberry Maxie Japanese Haskap

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Biggest berries and biggest taste! If you like the idea of growing and harvesting your own berries, but are afraid that they’ll be too hard, too time-consuming, or too much trouble we’d like to introduce you to Yezberry Maxie Japanese Haskap.

You know all about blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries because you can buy them in your local supermarket year round, but Japanese Haskaps may not be familiar to you.

We think they’re about to take the home gardening world by storm, though.

This is the first year that these are available to the home gardener in a big way and we think they’re going to take off.

What’s so awesome about these berries? Here are a few reasons:1.

Super easy to grow! These pure-bred Japanese berries are also natural natives of North America which means that they are very adaptable to just about any soil and just about any P H level you’ll encounter.

All that they need is lots of sun and water and they will grow just about anywhere from zone 7 to zone 3! (They actually do ok in part sun too, just give them room for air to circulate around them.


Super delicious! These berries are the biggest haskaps available and have a tart/sweet taste that is a cross between a ripe blueberry and a blackberry or raspberry.

Eat them straight off of the bush or use them to make slammin’ jam, sauces and desserts.


Super hardy! Yezberry Haskaps will tolerate very cold weather and they fruit later than other haskaps so that they are great with a surprise spring frost or two.

When you order, make sure to order Yezberry Solo Japanese Haskap along with it as a pollinator for the best harvest.

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* Largest tart/sweet berries
* Hardy native
* Very cold hardy
* Adapts to any soil
* Easy care
* Nice ornamental shrub

Yezberry Maxie Japanese Haskap Order Options