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Yankee Doodle Lilac Garden Plant

Yankee Doodle Lilac

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One of The Deepest Purple Lilacs The Yankee Doodle Lilac features large panicles of deep rich purple flowers.

The large clusters of strongly fragrant single flowers rise above the blue green heart shaped foliage.

The Yankee Doodle is a profuse bloomer with an upright and spreading growth habit.

It is also hardy and easy to care for.

For the best flower display it prefers full sun but can tolerate light shade as well.

Its size and shape make it a perfect choice as a windbreak or privacy hedge.

It would be beautiful as a foundation plant and around patios or walks where its fragrance can truly be enjoyed.

Your Yankee Doodle will attract songbirds, butterflies and hummingbirds to further enhance this shrubs beauty.

However, it will not attract deer or Japanese Beetles.

Every landscape should have at least one Lilac.

Choose the Yankee Doodle for its rich fragrance and color.
* Low Maintenance
* Highly Fragrant
* Deer resistant Don’t Prune Lilacs During Fall or Early Spring

Yankee Doodle Lilac Order Options