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Woodard Blueberry Garden Plant

Woodard Blueberry

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Late Spring/ Mid- Summer Harvest Woodard Blueberry, Vaccinium ashei ‘ Woodard’, is a medium sized shrub with ornamental features and fabulous fruit.

Plant a few along your garage or outbuilding for a lovely and productive shrub border.

Woodard will do well in many locations, including even a container on your back patio.

Your Woodard Blueberry is a rabbiteye type blueberry bush, which ensures your shrub will provide you with sweeter, hardier berries that freeze well.

Woodard is also one of the shortest of the rabbiteyes, so you’ll have a much easier time harvesting your berries-and with berries as delicious as this sweet variety, you won’t want to miss a single one! Your berries ripen in late-spring/mid-summer and are large with a lovely, light blue shade.

The delicate, bell-shaped blossoms that precede the berries are an adorable white/pink, their spring display a welcome sight after the long winter’s rest.

Woodard Blueberry will grow to up to 6 feet in height with an equal spread.

It has an upright nature, rounded form and good fall color.

Woodard is far hardier than many other varieties and low maintenance as well, so won’t require a lot of time and effort from you.

You will however want to plant more than one variety for cross-pollination which will give you optimal yields.

With its array of exceptional qualities, it’s easy to see why Woodard Blueberry is the right choice for your yard this year!
* Delicious, healthy fruit
* Spring flower
* Heat and drought tolerant
* Fall interest
* Works well in containers

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