Garden Plant: Winter Red Holly

Winter Red Holly Garden Plant

Winter Red Holly

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One of the Best Plants for Fall and Winter Color! Spring, summer and fall are known for their colorful flowers, leaves and fruits, but bright garden color is always a challenge to find in the dark winter months.

Don’t let winter get you down this this! Winter Red Winterberry (Ilex verticillata ‘ Winter Red’) will fill your garden with delightful red berries all winter and even into spring.

Deep green leaves cover these big (6′ tall and wide) shrubs all summer.

In the fall the inconspicuous flowers give way to little berries that are revealed like a curtain call when the leaves drop.

And what a show they’ll give you! The bright holly-red berries stay on the bush all winter and will even persist into spring.

Winter Red is a female shrub.

In order to get these show-stopping berries, you need to have a pollinator.

Ilex ‘ Southern Gentleman’ is made just for that! One Southern Gentleman will pollinate up to 10 Winter Red’s, so you can have a fence line of bright berries all season long.

Winter Red is not only a feast for the eyes, but it is a literal feast for the birds.

This makes your garden the place to be for your feathered friends when not much else is going on in the garden.

Winterberries are the “queens” of the fruiting shrub world and the fruiting branches are great for decoration in the garden or in the house.

They make instant holiday decorations when a few stems are put in a large vase.

Order a few from us today and see your winter garden in a whole new light!
* Prized for ornamental value
* Loads of bright red berries
* Berries attract birds

Winter Red Holly Order Options