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Winesap Apple Tree

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One of the Juciest Apples You’ll Ever Enjoy! The Winesap apple is an old apple variety whose history dates from the 1700s, but further developed in the 1800s’.

It is still one of the leading strains being grown in the U S.

Also knowns a Stayman Winesap, these apples are good for eating, juice, and baking.

It is considered on of the juciest apples and this all-purpose apple has good keeping qualities.

The red blooms in early spring are stunning.

The fruit is good sized.

The flesh is very juicy and tart yellow and tinged with red and russet dots, sometimes red veins run through it.

It is a firm, rather coarse, moderately crisp apple with a sprightly, medium acid, tart taste.

It is disease resistant.

Winesap apple pollination: Suggested pollinators are Red or Golden Delicious, Fuji and Gala.

It can be kept in cold storage for up to 3 months.
* Yellow Fruit with a Red Blush
* Small, Tart, Crisp Taste
* Red Blooms in Spring

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