Garden Plant: White Rugosa Rose Shrub

White Rugosa Rose Shrub Garden Plant

White Rugosa Rose Shrub

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Product Description: White Rugosa Rose Shrub

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Easy to Grow Hedge Rose White Rugosa Rose, Rosa rugosa alba, is like Rosa rugosa, but this white rose adapts to a variety of conditions, including where salt tolerance is a concern.

It is useful in northern climates along roadside or driveways that are being deiced regularly with salt.

Its pale blush pink buds open to highly fragrant snow-white blooms with creamy yellow stamens.

In fall, the disease resistant foliage takes on shades of orange and scarlet to accompany the large orange red hips.

This Rugosa develops 1 inch orange/red hips in August which last through the winter to provide food for wildlife.

This rose has its own root.

The advantage of own root roses is that once established they are very resilient.

If winter’s freezing breezes kill the top growth, the rose will grow back in the spring, and the recovered rose will look the same as the one you purchased.

It grows 3 to 6 feet, depending on how you prune and its access to full sun, but it will tolerate partial shade.

White Rugosa is quite drought resistant once established.

This easy to grow hedge rose is completely winter hardy.
* Salt and Drought Tolerant
* Fall and Winter Color
* Attracts Wildlife Rose Hips

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