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White Lady Peach Tree

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Sweet, Low Acid Peach White Lady Peach Tree is a fruit producing tree with luscious fruit.

Plant one in a sunny location in your front yard where you can witness its splendor spring through fall.

The White Lady Peach tree is among the best of the new low acid, high sugar, white peaches.

The aroma is heavenly and the flavor sublime.

In fact, it was one of the top scoring varieties at a blind fruit tasting event.

The red-skinned peaches (with a cream background), are medium to large, very firm, and freestone.

By late July you’ll be ready to harvest these delectable delights.

Eat them fresh off the tree or save some for later.

They have good storage and shipping qualities, so you don’t have to worry about them spoiling before you can use them all.

Aside from its superior fruit, White Lady Peach produces stunningly beautiful pink flowers making it a spring ornamental tree along with its fruit bearing capabilities! There’s nothing like a peach tree right outside your window.

From spring until fall, it’s a delight to behold.

White Lady Peach is a deciduous tree that will grow to about 18 feet in height.

It doesn’t require a pollinator to produce fruit so you can try just one if you don’t have much space.

It’s an outstanding tree that provides superior fruit.

Why not try a White Lady Peach today!
* Exceptional fruit
* Low acid white peach
* Ornamental interest
* Self pollinating

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