Garden Plant: White Chiffon Rose of Sharon

White Chiffon Rose of Sharon Garden Plant

White Chiffon Rose of Sharon

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Product Description: White Chiffon Rose of Sharon

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Pure White Anemone-like Flowers You already have in your mind what Hibiscus flowers look like, right? Large, tropical looking flowers with wide petals and hot colors.

Erase that picture form your mind, though, with the White Chiffon Hibiscus (White Chiffon Hibiscus syriacus ‘ Notwoodtwo’ USPP 12,612).

This lovely new introduction to the mallow/hibiscus family does have large and beautiful flowers, but they are not the typical hibiscus flower.

First off they are pure white – a wonderful white that that doesn’t turn yellow – not the usual hot sunny or deep blue colors you see in other hibiscus.

Secondly, they have a lovely lacey center that makes the flowers look much more like anemone flowers than hibiscus.

These are truly a conversation piece that will have your gardening friends talking.

These large shrubs can be pruned into small trees and do well in almost any soil (unless it’s to dry or too wet).

They make great specimen plants, but also do well at the back of the border or along your fence line.

Make sure to order yours from Nature Hills today.

These are wonderful garden pants that probably will sell out fast.
* Lovely late-summer flowers
* Easy care
* A Proven- Winners selection

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