Garden Plant: Water Iris Versicolor

Water Iris Versicolor Garden Plant

Water Iris Versicolor

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Product Description: Water Iris Versicolor

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Stunning flowers for your pond or fountain Sometimes pond owners feel a little limited by the plants they can buy that will thrive in their wet environments.

There are lots of leafy options or grassy options or mossy options, but the palette is pretty limited to greens and grays.

If you feel that way then you need to check out the swamp-loving, free-flowering easy-care native Water Iris.

Water Iris Wersicolor (versicolor just means ‘many-colored’) is an easy care and strikingly beautiful addition to any water garden.

It doesn’t mind wet feet.

It blooms continually from May to July.

The flowers are striking jeweled shades of purples and lavenders with ticks of yellow and white.

They are often called Blue Flag because they wave in the wind on top of long wand-like stems.

Even when not in bloom, the grassy, strap-like leaves are handsome reflecting in the water of your pond or fountain.

Being a native, you know that it is hardy and will reward you for years to come.

Add some color to your pond landscaping this year.

Add some Water iris Wersicolor today!
* Beautiful flowers for many months
* Attracts wildlife
* Hardy and carefree once established

Water Iris Versicolor Order Options