Garden Plant: Washington Navel Orange Tree

Washington Navel Orange Tree Garden Plant

Washington Navel Orange Tree

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Grow Delicious Seedless Oranges at Home The Washington Navel Orange is seedless and matures early in winter.

Being thick skinned and easy to peel, it is one of the most popular varieties.

The Washington Navel is popular because of its outstanding flavor for both eating out of hand and for juicing.

It produces an abundance of large, orange fleshed, seedless fruits, and can be left on the tree for up to three months without diminished quality.

The flowers on a Washington Navel bloom in the spring, but then take seven to ten months to mature and ripen.

The moderatly sized trees have waxy white fragrant flowers with deep green shiny leaves and will not pollinate other trees.

Washington Navel Orange prefers full sun, fertile, but well drained soil, and moderate water.

In colder climates, simply plant them in a container and bring them inside.

Just keep them near a sunny window.

Our trees are always in high demand, and we expect these large-sized, mature citrus trees to be very popular.

Order now before they sell out and enjoy the benefits of growing your own citrus fruit anywhere in the US.
* Moderate Sized Tree
* Delicious Fruit
* Seedless

Washington Navel Orange Tree Order Options