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Warren Pear Tree

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Sweet, smooth-textured fruit on a cold hardy tree.

It’s not very often you get a fruit that is praised by the likes of Alice Waters, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey as the most delicious pear in the world! We are very proud to offer the highly sought after Warren Pear Tree to our customers this year.

This outstanding semi-dwarf pear tree brings a mid- April harvest of sweet, juicy fruit even in areas where pears are traditionally difficult to grow Originally found in a neglected orchard in Mississippi – not a state associated with pear growing – these hardy trees are resistant to fire-blight and other diseases that so often plague pears in warm winter areas.

The medium sized, yellow fruit has a lively green tint and occasional red blush.

The pears are beautiful dangling amid the sturdy upright branches of a mature Warren tree.

If you’ve never grown a pear tree before, give Warren Pear a try.

This tree forgives easily and isn’t a diva.

If you’re a pear lover, than you’ll adore the sweet taste and buttery texture of this savory pear variety just as much as Oprah and Martha!
* Excellent fruit
* Fireblight resistant
* Cold hardy
* Good storage
* Self-fruitful

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