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Viola Heartthrob

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8″ of Heart Wiola (Violet) Heartthrob, Wiola ‘ Heartthrob’, will be easy to fall in love with, and it attracts attention because of its colorful foliage! This new beauty has classic lavender blooms with burgundy-splotched, heart shaped leaves that puts on a great show.

For a colorful effect, plant this eye-catching wonder in containers or in the front of a border.

The beautiful deep green leaves with the deep burgundy central pattern just “pops ” with color.

Heartthrob is deer resistant and produces lavender flowers in early spring.

Use this unique violet as a groundcover, shrub under-story or in containers; spring violet flowers don’t seed around.

It spreads, though slowly, and one plant can eventually cover a fairly large area.

To maintain vigorous growth, divide every 5 to 7 years in the spring; likes to dry out very slightly between watering.

This unique Wiola (Violet) Heartthrob is a wonderful foliage plant for a groundcover, shrub under-story, or a container plant.
* Lavender Flowers in Spring
* Heart Shaped Leaves with Burgundy Splotchs on Foliage
* 8″ High Groundcover

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