Garden Plant: Vintage Jade Distylium

Vintage Jade Distylium Garden Plant

Vintage Jade Distylium

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A Cure for the ‘ Common Old’ Tired of the same old, same old in your garden? Ready for something new? Ever heard of Distylium? You’re not alone if you haven’t.

Distylium is a member of the witch hazel family, but they have been virtually unknown here in America.

They are native to China but are beginning to make their way into landscapes across the country.

This is a good thing.

These are such versatile and graceful plants, you won’t want your garden to be without one! Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’ is a nifty alternative to common (dare we say ‘overused’?) species like Cherry Laurels, junipers, hollies, Indian Hawthorn and even boxwood.

This shrub is shockingly hardy – it is pest and disease resistant, drought tolerant, thrives in full to partial sun, in wet soil or dry.

Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’ is evergreen, with a beautiful dark blue-green color year round.

In the winter small maroon-colored flowers bloom on the arching stems, bringing winter color when not much else is blooming.

It is low growing, reaching only 2 feet high or so, but it spreads a good 5 feet.

The ‘Vintage Jade’ Distylium stays in neat, graceful mounds adding a touch of ‘formal wildness’ to your hedges.

Catch the wave before the rest of the country does! This is bound to be a favorite plant of landscapers and home gardeners soon.

Don’t wait and order yours now before we sell out of our limited supply.
* First Editions Plants
* Evergreen foliage and maroon winter flowers
* Graceful mounding shape
* Super hardy and super easy

Vintage Jade Distylium Order Options