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Vertigo Grass

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Dapples To Purple Pennisetum Vertigo, Pennisetum purpureum ‘ Vertigo’ (Pearl Millet), is an exotic, graceful new hardy annual grass with saber-shaped leaves that first appear as narrow and dappled green.

As it matures, the blades gradually turn more purple and wider.

Vertigo develops into a spectacular deep burgundy- purple ornamental grass that adds an architectural feature to any landscape.

You can plant as an accent or container plant.

It is dramatic in mass plantings or clusters too.

This heat loving grass performs all summer and fall.

Vertigo turns brown at first frost.

It provides a wonderful winter interest with its dried grasses and seed heads.

When this warm season grass turns brown, you can also trim it back.

Divide this warm season grass spring through mid-summer.
* Leaves Widen Through Growing Season
* Dappled Leaves Turn Purple Through Summer
* Heat Loving Grass Pick your color.

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