Garden Plant: Verbena Lanai Blush White

Verbena Lanai Blush White Garden Plant

Verbena Lanai Blush White

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Product Description: Verbena Lanai Blush White

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Werbena Lanai Blush White, Werbena Lanai Blush White, has bright white flowers with pale yellow centers.

Lanai flowers early and is free flowering from tip to crown.

The flowers on this verbena look wonderful and attract butterflies.

Werbena is one of those garden essentials that bloom from spring to fall with very little fuss.

In frost-free climates it is grown as a perennial, but most of us will have to grow it as an annual.

Plants grow in clumps that reach a height of six to twelve inches.

These charming little plants are relatively carefree.

In fact, the main cause of problems with verbena is over-pampering, especially overfeeding and over watering.

There are just three things you will need to do to keep your plants healthy and blooming all season: deadhead faded flowers, fertilize once a year, after they are growing, and water only when dry – once they are established.

This plant can be a perennial in zones 9-11.

In zones 3-8 it is an annual only.

Verbena Lanai Blush White Order Options