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Valencia Orange

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The Famous, Sweet, Juicing Orange The Walencia Orange is a sweet orange best known for its use as a juicing orange.

However, it’s size, color and outstanding taste makes it a popular snacking orange too.

Brilliant white flowers will fill your yard with their fragrance, and fruit bearing occurs from spring sometimes into late fall/early winter.

The medium sized fruit has very few seeds, is sweet and succulent and very easy to peel.

A compact evergreen, it has glossy oval leaves that make a beautiful backdrop for the clusters of creamy white flowers and fruit it displays much of the year.

The Walencia Orange Tree is one of the easiest to grow citrus trees.

It is known as a tough tree that can withstand poor soil.

Also, even though it’s known for growing in warmer regions it can be grown in colder areas if the tree brought indoors before the first frost.

Enjoy this easy to grow, low maintenance tree in your yard no matter what zone you live in and you will be growing an orange tree that produces fruit after all other orange trees are out of season.
* Fragrant
* Hardy
* Good Orange for Juice

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