Garden Plant: Upstar Tulip Easy Bloom Pad

Upstar Tulip Easy Bloom Pad Garden Plant

Upstar Tulip Easy Bloom Pad

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Product Description: Upstar Tulip Easy Bloom Pad

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Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads Fragrant and gorgeous rose-pink double tulip! Double tulips are so striking they must be difficult to plant and take care of, right? Wrong! You can have an amazing garden full of these gorgeous flowers with a minimal amount of effort! New Tulip Upstar Bloom Pads take all of the hard work out.

Tulip Upstar Bloom Pads come in pre-set packs of 8 bulbs encased in a biodegradable material that dissolves into the ground once you plant it.

You just dig a hole, put the pad in, cover it with soil and water thoroughly.

The hardest part will be the waiting! Spaced for perfect and professional results every time, you will love the ease of using Bloom Pads.

You can plant a big border or bed in your garden in way less time than planting individual bulbs! The top reasons you’ll love Tulip Upstar Bloom Pad:
* Fragrant, double rose-pink flowers in the spring will add depth and beauty to your garden
* Amazingly easy to plant
* You will have a professional-looking container in half the time
* No more backbreaking work to plant a large bed
* Professionally spaced and blended You don’t need to worry if you feel like you have a black thumb.

Bloom Pads will make you look like a pro in no time!

Upstar Tulip Easy Bloom Pad Order Options