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Tundra Honeyberry

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Berries that laugh at the cold! Have you ever tried a honeyberry? If not, we’d like to describe the taste to you: Blackberry-wild blueberry-currant-cherry-kiwi-grape with a touch of honeysuckle.

Or, we can describe it as just plain delicious! Tundra Honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea ‘ Tundra’) is great fruit, especially for northern gardens.

They look like elongated blueberries and are so thin-skinned they actually melt in your mouth.

(Actually Tundra berries are thicker-skinned than other honeyberries, so they take firm handling better.

) But don’t let their thin skin fool you.

These are some tough berries.

Like their name suggests, these guys can handle the cold. and by cold, we mean C O L D.

They are hardy to -55 degrees (that’s N E G A T I W E 55 D E G R E E S in case you missed it) and the flowers are hardy to 20 degrees! If you live somewhere where it gets colder than that, well, that’s a conversation we need to have separately.

Tundra Honeyberries are long-lived (50 years+) and plants older than 5 years can produce between 2 and 10 pounds of berries a season! They love the sun in the north and a little shade in the south and just about any soil will do, even clay soils.

Tundra is a first-rate fresh eating berry, but you’ll be the star of the Farmer’s Market if you jar up a batch of jam! Try them in pies and muffins, too – anywhere that you’d use a blueberry.

We bet you’ll be the first in your neighborhood to have some of these, so order now before your neighbors become the Farmer’s Market stars.

(They need a pollinator, so order one of Tundra’s sister plants, too, like Berry Blue Honeyberry.

* Delicious edible fruit
* Fast Growing
* Super Cold Hardy
* Spring flowers

Tundra Honeyberry Order Options